patented pomegranate extract

standardized to punicalagins.


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Pomella® has undergone extensive safety testing. At doses exponentially greater than the recommended dosage range, no significant treatment-related changes in any clinical, physical, biochemical, or hematological parameters were observed.

Pomegranate, native to India and the Middle East, has been used traditionally for promotion of health for thousands of years. Pomegranate juices and extracts have been used in foods and supplements for the greater part of the 20th century.

Pomella® Extract has undergone extensive chemical characterization using validated analytical methodology. It does not need refrigeration to be stable, is highly concentrated, and lacks the sugar and calories of pomegranate juice.

The patented magic of Pomella® is in preserving the natural spectrum of polyphenols from pomegranate fruit, maximizing the all natural pomegranate goodness and associated health benefits. On the market for over a decade, Pomella® has received wide acclaim as a safe, effective pomegranate extract. The clinically tested, recommended dosage range for Pomella is 300-600mg per day.

Vertical integration ensures only naturally grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO pomegranates from company contracted farms are processed through our GMP, ISO/HACCP facility. Our strong emphasis on scientifically preserving the natural spectrum of pomegranate translates into an all natural, clinically researched extract you can be proud of.

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Punicalagins (anomeric isomers of the punicalagin molecule) are the major

players behind the antioxidant properties of pomegranate. These pomegranate

ellagitannins are ‘polyphenol bombs’ which extensively metabolize and are

native in high concentrations; unique to the pomegranate fruit. Thus, they are

the suitable biomarkers for a pomegranate extract whose natural phenolic

profile is researched to offer tangible health benefits.

Punicalagins are water-soluble, highly bioavailable, and supported by

safety data. They are shown to possess a high absorption rate (up to 95%).

Not only do punicalagins offer a powerful kick of antioxidant properties on

their own; they can break up into smaller polyphenols that are also absorbed

in the body and extensively metabolized.

In fact, metabolites of punicalagins have been detected in the body throughout

a time frame 48 hours after consumption.

While studies show punicalagins are the major pomegranate players, it is the

remarkable synergy of punicalagins within the pomegranate’s natural spectrum

that explains the potency of Pomella® Extract. To demonstrate this, isolated

compounds from Pomella were compared to a mixture that is the foundation

of Pomella technology. This mixture showed greater antioxidant and cellular health benefits than the isolated compounds by themselves. The clinical literature reflects this synergy; this profile is the true essence of Pomella®.