The POMELLA® Secret: A Different Research Approach

The approach to developing POMELLA® Extract was quite different. Flying in the face of status quo for nutritional product development, the evolution of POMELLA® in university research was not driven by business interests or cost, but by what offers superior bioactivity and bioavailability.  POMELLA® Extract is the culmination of a complex research process that compared dozens, if not hundreds, of different forms of pomegranates in various antioxidant and bioavailability models.

What the researchers found as the best form of pomegranate was quite intriguing, and very different from the low-cost pomegranate extracts that were commonly found on the market.

The Secret: Not Much of a Secret

Nature has known this unique formula for ages, in the form of the natural polyphenolic profile of pomegranate fruit. Yet there is a bit of patented magic in preserving the punicalagins as part of the natural spectrum of the pomegranate.

The most active pomegranate extract from the pomegranate research contained the ’Natural Spectrum’ of polyphenols from pomegranate fruit—including the potent punicalagins, the top antioxidants behind the fruit’s scavenging power.

But don’t just take our word for it: A university study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2006 showed POMELLA® Extract to be one of the first pomegranate extracts to be detected in the bloodstream, where it also significantly increased the antioxidant capacity of blood from human volunteers.

Proprietary and published research shows that POMELLA® Extract maximizes the synergistic and additive effects of pomegranate. But the research doesn’t stop here: the clinical data distinguishing POMELLA® Extract as the 'Gold Standard' of pomegranate extracts keeps coming.

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