POMELLA® Pomegranate Extract for Skin Health

When cells age, they lose the ability to do what they do best: regenerate and keep the function that keeps them from ‘being old’. The skin organ, being the body’s largest organ, is no exception to the aging paradigm. Its cells act in very much the same way as the rest of the body’s organs. Except the skin is even more susceptible to environmental factors such as UV radiation, which is a major part of sunlight.
Sunlight, specifically the ultraviolet (UV) part of sunlight, has some good effects for us, such as promoting the body’s manufacture of Vitamin D. But UV radiation is a double-edged sword, because it also promotes skin aging—and in more ways than one. This is evident when we see someone who has spent long hours in the sun. We say they ‘look old’. And we are right.
UV-induced skin aging involves a multi-faceted, complex process. Upon exposure to high doses or extended periods of UV, the following negative effects are repeatedly observed (and in fact often used as positive controls to determine the effects of skin aging): Intracellular antioxidant activity is significantly decreased, and reactive oxidative species (ROS) are significantly increased. A whole basket of related inflammatory up-regulating effects are also observed, such as increased cell death and increased activity of collagenases, which are the enzymes which destroys collagen, the structural fiber which keeps skin looking supple and young.
While prior studies show potential effects of pomegranate for skin health, many of these are performed at very high concentrations on crude extracts that have not been analyzed using adequate analytical methodology. So how do you know if a pomegranate extract on the market is the same as what is used in a research study? Ask your supplier.
But what we do know is that POMELLA® Extract is one of the first standardized extracts to show dose-dependant effects on a number of skin health-promoting properties, and our dedication to its research and chemical analysis, batch to batch, speaks for itself.
Case in point: In a published, peer-reviewed study on POMELLA® Extract, statistically significant increased in UV-induced cell death, ROS, and collagenases (and statistically significant decreases in intracellular antioxidant capacity as determined by intracellular ORAC) were dose-dependently reversed by low concentrations of POMELLA® Extract.
But that is not all. In the same study, also observed were up-regulating effects of POMELLA® Extract on the highly researched sirtuin SIRT1—the renowned ‘longevity gene’. Since POMELLA® Extract has proven its bioavailability and absorption into the body it may be an appropriate candidate for this type of longevity research. Ongoing research exploring the effects of POMELLA® Extract on the ‘life extension’ sirtuin gene made famous by research on resveratrol is ongoing.

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